Template product

This section is to maintain the settings of the product page on your store.

Configure main product

Go to Customize theme. Select the Products > Default product template on the top dropdown menu.
From the left side menu, select “Main Product.”
Customize the section by utilizing the settings on the right side of the theme editor, as described below:
Main product
Gallery style
Select gallery style from the options: -Carousel
-List -Grid Enable fullwidth Select the checkbox to enable/disable the full width of the section. Emphasize first image in grid view Select the checkbox to display the initial image in full width while using grid view. Enable media fixed height Select this checkbox to show product media with a fixed height.
Enable zoom icon Select this checkbox to show the zoom icon on the product media gallery.
Media desktop height
You can adjust the desktop media height from the given options:
Media mobile height
You can adjust the mobile media height from the given options:
-Small -Medium
-Large Media fit Select the image fit from the following options: - Cover - Contain
Thumbnails position
Adjust the position from the given option. -Left
(Note: Only applicable if the full-width carousel is disabled.)
Accordions/Tabs content
(Note: Heading text is required to display the description text content.) Content style
Select the content style from the given options:
-Accordion Show description
Select/deselect the checkbox to show/hide the product description.
Description heading
Add description Heading.
Custom content 1 - 3
Enter text to display as a title for the product details. E.g., Additional information, Shipping etc.
Description Add text as a description for the product.
Color scheme
Select the color scheme from the given options: -Primary -Secondary
Note: These can be managed from Theme settings> color schemes. Enable gradient Select this checkbox to show the gradient in the background color. This can be selected from theme settings>color schemes.
Top spacing (desktop)
Adjust the slider to add spacing at the top of the section for desktop view.
Bottom spacing (desktop)
Adjust the slider to add spacing at the bottom of the section for desktop view.
Top spacing (mobile)
Adjust the slider to add spacing at the top of the section for mobile view.
Bottom spacing (mobile)
Adjust the slider to add spacing at the bottom of the section for mobile view.

Block settings

Add text to highlight product.
Add title to product.
Review rating
To display ratings, add Product Review app.
This block showcases the product SKU value.
This block showcases the product price.
Size chart
This block showcases the size chart in a popup view. Select any page to show as the size chart. CUSTOM SIZE CHART Select a size chart from the meta-field to show a specific size chart product-wise. Create a meta field with type 'Page.'
On the shopify product page, select the custom page for size chart.
Select that size chart from the dynamic source as shown below.
Social Sharing
You can highlight social media icons.
Variant picker
This block showcases the variants list.
Inventory status bar
Minimum inventory Adjust the slider to select minimum inventory.
Available message
Add text to show the success message when the required inventory is available.
Low inventory message
Add text inventory to highlight the low inventory. (Note: Use ||inventory|| to show inventory count in the message.)
Pickup availability
This block displays pickup availability of the product.
Complementary Products
Add text to the heading to highlight complementary products. Products count
Adjust the slider to highlight products between 1 to 10. Note: To select complementary products, add the Search & Discovery app. Learn more Show below description Select this checkbox to show the products under the description in the full-width carousel style only. (Note: It will work with a full-width carousel only.)
Line-item property
Add text to highlight the label.
Property type
Add text to highlight property type.
Property value
Add a description to label and type.
Buy buttons
This block shows the add to cart button. Show dynamic checkout button Select/deselect the checkbox to show the dynamic checkout button. Enable sticky add to cart Select/deselect the checkbox to show/hide the sticky add-to-cart bar on the desktop. Note that this is not provided on the mobile view. To have this on mobile, you may need to contact the Shopify experts.
Enable quantity
Select/deselect to checkbox to enable quantity. Show recipient information form for gift card products Check this checkbox to show the gift card form on the gift card products. Gift card products can be sent directly to a recipient with a personal message by using this form.
This block is to show the product description at any desired position.
Custom liquid
Liquid Add app snippets or other liquid code for any advanced customizations.
Custom label
To display product custom labels, setup them up in theme settings -> product grid. For more information, go through this link.
Query form>Heading
Enter any text to appear as a link to the contact popup. This form sends all submissions to the Sender email address of your store. You can change the sender email address in the Store details settings page of your Shopify admin.
Back in stock
Add this block to receive an email every time someone fills in this form (on the store owner's side). Email alerts will NOT be automatically sent to the storefront customers when the product becomes available - you(the store owner) will need to do this. Heading Enter any text to display as a heading. Placeholder Enter any text to show as a placeholder for the email field. Button text Enter any text for the button. Success message Enter any text to show as a success message. (Note: Back-in-stock form is always visible in the theme editor.)
Custom content
Enable accordion Select the checkbox to enable the accordion of heading and description. Open accordion by default Select the checkbox to keep the accordion open by default. Heading Enter any heading text. Description Enter any description text.