Collection carousel

This section allows users to add a maximum of ten collections displayed in slider layouts.
Select the customize theme option. Click on the dropdown menu at the top to select the Home page template.
From the left side menu, select Collection carousel.
Customize the section by utilizing the settings on the right side of the theme editor, as described below:
Collection carousel
Carousel style Select from the following options: - Horizontal - Circular Heading
Add heading text. (Note: Wrap your text between [[ ]] to add the markers. For example, This [[marker]] will underline marker text.)
Enable highlight text
-Select the checkbox to show the text in highlighted form. (Note: Highlight text works on bold and italic text of the heading.)
Marker style Select a style from the following options: -Basic -Curved -Line -Box
Outline stroke
Select outline stroke from the options- thin or thick. Heading size Select the heading size from the H1-H6 options. Heading tag Specify heading code types for SEO and search engines for crawling purposes. Link text Add text to view as link text. E.g., View all. Link Add a URL to redirect the text entered in the above field.
Enable border radius
Select/deselect checkbox to show/hide border radius.
Section visibility
Select from the options to select the visibility of this section: -Always -Small devices only(On selecting this, the section will be visible on mobile devices only.) -Large devices only
Show border Select this checkbox to show the border in a circular style.
Collection title
(Note: These settings work on mobile only.)
Color Select any color for the collection title on mobile. Alignment Select the title alignment from the following options: -Left -Center -Right
Color scheme Select the color scheme from the given options;
Note: These can be managed from Theme settings> color schemes. Marker Select any color for marker style. Marker text Select any color for marker text. Background image Select any image to show in the background. (Note: It is only applicable on desktop with the "Circular" style.) Background gradient Select any gradient color for the background. Bottom gradient Select any gradient color for the bottom area's background.
Top spacing (mobile)
Adjust the slider to add spacing at the top of the section for mobile view.
Bottom spacing (mobile) Adjust the slider to add spacing at the bottom of the section for mobile view.

Block Settings

Select any collection to display in the carousel. For more details, refer to Shopify collections.
Add the image for your collection.
Collection title
Add title to your collection.
Background color
Select any background color. (Note: It is only applicable with the "Horizontal" style.)