Theme updates

Once you have purchased FAME theme from the Shopify Theme Store, you can receive all upcoming versions of the FAME theme. These periodic updates contain enhancements such as bug fixes, additional features, updated platform requirements, or other improvements.

Add new copy of FAME

We regularly release new versions of the FAME theme on the Shopify Theme Store that usually include bug fixes and additional features.
The most current versions of all themes can be found on the Theme Store. If you bought a version of the FAME theme from the Theme Store, you can add an updated version for no charge.
If there is an update available for a theme, a notice will show up beneath the theme in your Shopify Admin. To add the updated version to your theme library, click on the notification to bring up the details pop-up and select "Add to theme library," or you can choose to "View release notes" to learn about the new release.
Provided that there have been no modifications made to the code of your theme by you or any installed apps, updating your theme is feasible.
In the event that you have customized your theme via the Theme Editor, these modifications will be carried over and applied to the updated theme. These customizations may include modified theme settings, altered page layouts (such as adding, removing, reordering, or hiding sections or blocks), new templates, or any modifications made to app embeds or app extensions.
Please note that any alterations made to the theme's designs and features will not be carried over to the updated theme. To implement these changes, you will need to contact the developer who originally made these modifications to your theme.