Announcement bar

This section is to add text about the any vital announcement on the site.

Configure the announcement bar

Select the customize theme option. Click on the dropdown menu at the top of the page to select the Home page template.
From the left side menu, select the Announcement bar.
Customize the section by utilizing the settings on the right side of the theme editor, as described below:
Announcement bar
Auto rotate Select/deselect the checkbox to enable/disable the auto-rotation of the announcements. Change announcement every Adjust the slider to set the auto rotation speed of announcements. Section visibility Select from the options to select the visibility of this section: -Always -Small devices only(On selecting this, the section will be visible on mobile devices only.) -Large devices only


Text Select any color for text. Background style
Select the background style from the given options:
-Gradient Solid Select any color for the solid background. Gradient Select any color for the gradient background. Link Text
Select any color for the text. Hover
Select any hover color.

Block settings

Add any promotional text.